Thursday, October 8, 2009

Layouts and a Freebie

First, here's a few layouts that I made. I really love how this first one turned out!


My son, Christian, playing in the leaves, Fall 2008.

Kit: Festive Fall by Jeni Cantrill Designs
Based on a freebie template by Designs by MandaK
Font: Union Telegraph N


My cousin's wife, Jeanine, and my sister, Angela at a family gathering, March 2007.

Kit: Little Shabby Summer by Meredith Cardall
Font: Coronet



The above 2 pictures of quick pages you can get for free at the RAK Center of RAK Scraps through the 14th. The RAK Center is cool!  The last part of every month they give away a free mega kit. Then in the first part of the following month they give away QPs made with the mega kit. All free! Then if you use the same email address to sign up at the RAK Center as you do the RAK Scraps forum, you can earn points(by posting, referring people, ect...) to get past mega kits/QPS and other kits. So if you do register please put me, JIC Creations, as your referrer so that I can get the points. You can earn another mega kit each month by doing all the challenges as all the challenge prizes are made from the same color swatch/theme. I can hardly believe that I haven't found them before now! They will be turning 5 in November and will be having a party. I'll post further details when I know more.


The above is from their Member Mega Kit challenge. You get to make a mini kit from the color swatch/theme of the current Mega kit. The theme is month was Graffiti, which I had a hard time with. Anyway, it's your freebie for today. I know that if you check the Members Mega Kit challenge thread at RAK Scraps that are at least 3 or 4 other free mini kits you can download that will match this. This link here will take you right to that thread.

You can download this freebie here.

Enjoy! And I hope to see you around RAK Scraps!


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Hi Jody - joined RAK and added you as referer!

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