Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Kit, Layouts & Freebies

Above is my newest kit called Stars. Right now it is only available at Scrap It Sassy, Scrappin Out Loud, and The Scrappin Corral. Below is a layout I did using it. The frame cluster is not included in the kit. I made it using Cassel's Frame Cluster Script. This script is so cool and has so many possibilities! You get to choose any shape from your preset shapes to make the frames. You get to choose the number of frames in the cluster. And you get to rearrange the frames exactly how you want them to make the perfect cluster! This is a MUST have script for all PSP Scrappers and Designers!! You can get it at Do It Digi.
Watergun fight at our annual July 3rd gathering at my sister's house, 2006.
Kit: Stars by JIC Creations
Frame from Frame Cluster Script by Cassel
Fonts: AcanthusSSK & AceBinghamSH
Ashley & John actually sharing a chair and popcorn while watching a movie at grandma's house.
Kit: Julee by Throwing Some Scraps Around aka Jodi Watson
Font: Arkitex
Me on my 34th birthday with my cake and blowing out my candles.
Kit: Julee by Throwing Some Scraps Around aka Jodi Watson
Font: Arkitex

Jodi came out with a new kit Monday called Julee. You can find it at Creativity Shack or The Scrappin Corral. The above two layouts were done with it. I've also made a brag book page freebie with it for you.
I also have two layered template freebies for you. I made the layouts with Jodi's Julee kit then converted them to layered templates with Cassel's Template Maker Script. I'm not sure if it's been released yet or not, but you will be able to get it at Do It Digi when it is.

Get the Julee Brag Book Page Here.

You can get the layered templates Here.

Merry Christmas All!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

$3 and Under Sale & New PSP Script

Over 650 Products for $3 or Less!!

Today Only at Scrapping Whispers!!


Click on *Dec 17th in the category section to view them all!

Above you will see the preview for my new PSP Script. It's 5 different scripts that each make a different ribbon. The end result is 300 ppi and 5100x200 pixels. It works in PSP versions 9 & Up. You can get it for the low price of only $4.oo! Currently it is available only at my Scrapping Whispers and Scrap It Sassy Stores.
I've also added a bunch of other CU products to my stores. Check them out at my Scrapping Whispers Store and get 30% off through Saturday!
Have a Great Wednesday & I'll see you tomorrow! :o)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holly Jolly Blog Train Freebies!

Hi All,
First I wanted to let you know of 2 sales that are going on.
At Scrap It Sassy, you will find a STORE WIDE SALE with savings of 35-75% off!
At Scrapping Whispers, you will find 30% off select designers, including me!
Hope on over to either of these stores for some awesome savings!

Above is my portion of the Holly Jolly Express Blog Train. It's full size and 300 ppi.
**Freebie no longer available**
This was just my kit portion. I've made some quick pages and brag book pages for you so keep reading. LOL!

Here are a couple of brag book pages I made from Crafted By Gina's portion on this blog train. You can download these pages here.

Here are a couple of quick pages that I made from Carolyn Ritter aka DigiCyberScraps' portion of this blog train. You can download these pages here.

Here are a couple of quick pages that I made from Jodi Watson aka Throwing Some Scraps Around's portion of this blog train. You can get these pages here.
Please leave me a comment if you download any of these. I do read and appreciate each one. Thanks!

Feel free to return to the station at anytime by clicking the logo
below. Make sure you bookmark it in case you can't ride the train all
the way through to the end today.

Stop 01 - BeaconScrap
Stop 02 - Carolyn Ritter
Stop 03 - Karrie Thomas of Kez Creates Designs
Stop 04 - Crafted by Gina
Stop 05 - DesignsByAmilyn
Stop 06 - Michelle Angeles
Stop 07 - Throwing Some Scraps Around
Stop 08 - Country Hollow Scraps
Stop 09- ScrapinDaisy from Designs by Ruth
Stop 10 - Bits O'Scrap
Stop 11 - Wimpychompers Creations
Stop 12 - QueenBrat Designs
Stop 13- Mumure
Stop 14 - Frosted Illusions
Stop 15 - Aussie Scraps
Stop 16 - HutchsBaby Faith in Christ Scraps
Stop 17 - MoveFearlessly Designs
Stop 18 - swordascrappin
Stop 19 - Kismet
Stop 20 - Missladyhawke
Stop 21 - The Queen and the Princess Designs
Stop 22 - Vanjo Designs
Stop 23 - Angi's Place
Stop 24 - SotoCreations
Stop 25 - The Mathematician's Assistant
Stop 26 - Crops2Dawn Creations
Stop 27 - S.G.Rowe Designs
Stop 28 - Amy's Scraps
Stop 29 - jaydensmama
Stop 30 - Crystal Jozlin, Crystal's Creations By Design
Stop 31 - Digital Creations by Amber
Stop 32 - Kitten Scraps
Stop 33 - Grandma Pat
Stop 34 - Grunge and Glitter Scraps
Stop 35 - JIC Creations <-------------YOU ARE HERE
Stop 36 - Butterfly Kisses
Stop 37 - Babyyaks
Stop 38 - Simply Beautiful Creations
Stop 39 - Pretty Scrappy
Stop 40 - TammyJo's Creations
Stop 41 - CMB Designs
Stop 42 - Christy Skaggs
Stop 43 - SnapScrapCreate
Stop 44 - Believe Designs
Stop 45 - Linda's Dream Designs
Stop 46 - MIP Scraps
Stop 47 - Miss Erin's Scraps
Stop 48 - WillowRaven at Purple Dragonfly Creations
Stop 49 - Digital Keepsakes
Stop 50 - Blind Sight Designs
Stop 51 - Dreamland Designs
Stop 52 - Hummie's World
Stop 53 - Northern Lights Designs
Stop 54 - DesignZ by DeDe
Stop 55 - twisted angel
Stop 56 - Desert Bloom Designs
Stop 57 - Rachelz_Expressionz
Stop 58 - Creations By Jessa
Stop 59 - Bits'N'Bobs
Stop 60 - Amanda's Scrappy Creations
Stop 61 - Heartfelt Perfections
Stop 62 - Candie
Stop 63 - Just For You DigiScraps
Stop 64 - Cuddlebeez Scraps
Stop 65 - Prairie Sage
Stop 66 - Creekside Cottage Designs
Stop 67 - PinkuPixie Digital Designs
Stop 68 - Mariscrap
Stop 69 - Marbled Circle
Stop 70 - Panda Bear Designs
Stop 71 - Kolor'Scapez!
Stop 72 - Stellarfairie designs
Stop 73 - http://www.disasterindesigns.com/
Stop 74 - Danielle [DMK Designs]
Stop 75 - Katlen Kreations
Stop 76 - Babydoll's Scrapz
Stop 77 - Angel Flower
Stop 78 - Designs by Teri
Stop 79 - SandEz Creationz
Stop 80 - Sistermoon Scraps


Friday, December 12, 2008

Another Freebie and More Layouts

My niece, Ashley, at her 8th grade graduation party.
Kit: Intuition by Throwing Some Scraps Around aka Jodi Watson
Font: Murry Bold
My niece opening her 8th grade graduation presents.
Kit: Intuition by Throwing Some Scraps Around aka Jodi Watson
Frames: Intuition Add On by Throwing Some Scraps Around aka Jodi Watson
Font: NicolasCocTReg

Hi All,
Jodi has a great new kit out call Intuition. Above you can see the layouts of my niece's graduation that I made with it.
You can get the Brag Book page that I made with it here.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Around The World 2008 Freebie

Welcome to Christmas Around The World 2008!
Click on the above blinkie to visit the main blog. There you will be able to see all participants, their previews, and where to get each portion.
Above is the preview for my portion of this huge blog train.
**Freebie no longer available**
Please check my store.
Enjoy & Happy Scrapping!

Friday, December 5, 2008

An Award, Layouts, and a Freebie


I received this award from Jodi at http://jodisscrapping.blogspot.com/. Thanks, Jodi! I will pass this on to:

Below are a couple of layouts I did using Jodi's Charlie Kit.

My son, Christian, at less than a year old. The extraction is a little off I think. But I don't think it's too bad for my first one!
Kit: Charlie by Throwing Some Scraps Around aka Jodi Watson

Font: Petitscript

My son hiding in the leaves after we raked a huge pile one afternoon.
Kit: Charlie by Throwing Some Scraps Around aka Jodi Watson

Fonts: Akabr, AL Lean Tower, & akaDora

Now for your freebie. It's a brag book page that I made from Jodi's Charlie Kit. You can download it here.

Enjoy & Happy Scrapping!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Layouts and a Freebie

Hi All,
Below are a couple of layouts that I did with Jodi's Lake Sunshine Kit. You can find it here.
I also wanted to remind you that there are only 3 days left of my Birthday Sale! You get 65% off all my products, including CU!
My son, Christian, after a bath one day.
Kit: Lake SunShine by Throwing Some Scraps Around aka Jodi Watson
Frame by JIC Creations from a ribbon in Lake Sunshine Kit
Fonts: NadineScriptExtra and Murray Bold
My son, Christian, at less than a year old.
Kit: Lake Sunshine by Throwing Some Scraps Around aka Jodi Watson
Font: Murray Bold

Now for your freebie. It is 3 frames that I made using Jodi's Lake Sunshine Kit. The heart one was made using one of Cassel's PSP Scripts. You can download them here.

Please leave me a comment here on my blog if you download. I love reading them!

Happy Scrapping!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blog Train Freebies Galore!

Hi All,

I have lots of freebies for you today. I'm participating in 6 blog trains this month and 4 of them start today. The other 2 start on Dec 12th & Dec 15th so be sure to check back then for more freebies! For each blog train, I will tell you a little about it, show you my preview, list my download links, and post either a link to the "train station" where you can find out where to get more of that train or post a list of all participants.

Oh, and before I get started, I thought I'd remind you all that all my stores are 65% off through Friday, December 5th! That does include CU products such as actions, PSP scripts, brushes, and more!

First up is Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebies. Click on the above banner to find the previews along with the blogs that are participating. My preview is above. It's 12x12 and was created at 300 ppi. You can download it here.

Next up is A Taggers Christmas. All portions of this train are tagger size. My papers are 800x800 pixels with elements to match the size of the papers. I created mine at 300 ppi as that is what I'm used to. Others in this train may have created theirs at taggers resolution of 72 ppi. You can see my preview above and download it here.

Here is the list of all those that are participating in A Taggers Christmas Blog Train:















http://jiccreations.blogspot.com/ <-------You are Here































Next up is Holidays At Home from the ADS Designers. This is a full size kit meaning 12x12 and was created at 300 ppi.
**Freebie no longer available**

Below are all those participating in the Holidays At Home:

Adele of Blind Sight Designs
Adventures in Scrapland
Amanda of Amandas Scrappy Creations
Amie of Amiebear
Beckmoores Scrapalittle
Bouquet of Pixels
Brooke at Ahhh Scrap
CMB Designs
Creative Digital Scraps by Chiara
Deanna at Flower Scraps
Digital Keepsakes
Doodle Designs
Elemental Pixie
EmCee Scraps
Erika {aka PinkuPixie}
HeatherStokes at HSDesigns
Jayden's Mama
JIC Creations <-----You are Here

Just Another Scrap
Kathy Goldstein
Lei at Fairydustprincess-Magicmaker
Linda at Linda's Dream Designs
Lynn of Heavenly Crafts
Lynn at TMA
Manda at Disaster in Designs
Merrilee Wheaton Designs
MsBhvin Scraps
My Little Corner of the World
Oase Panda Bear Designs
Pamela Yates at Pammy's Playground
Scrapping with Jen
Shabby Tagger
Shel at Shel Belle Scraps
Stacy at Kalo Designs
Teri at Teris Thing-O-My-Jigs
Wendi at Willow Grace Designs
WillowRaven at Purple Dragonfly Creations
EmCee Scraps

And the last one for the day is The Christmas Convoy. This kit is 12x12 and created at 300 ppi.
**Freebie no longer available**

Below you will find a list of all participating blogs.

01 - SotoCreations

02 - CurtisamCreations

03 - WillowRaven

04 - Kez Creates

05 - The Queen and the Princess Designs

06 - Carolyn at Digi Cyber Scraps

07 - DesignZ by DeDe

08 - Scrapz By Christon


10 - CuddleBeez Scraps

11 - Lizard Dau Designs

12 - Outback Dezigns

13 - CandysTreasures

14 - Gemini Creationz

15 - Reeces Pieces Scraps

16 - LouCee Creations

17 - Crafted by Gina

18 - Twisted Angel

19 - MIP Scraps

20 - PinkuPixie Digital Designs

21 - Shawn Walter

22 - Moodz Scrapz

23 - Bits N Bobs

24 - Kolor Scapez

25 - damc

26 - Debee Dezines

27 - JIC Creations <--------You are Here

28 - Kcscrapper (Kathy Count)

29 - MoveFearlessly Designs

30 - MoonBeam's Creations

31 - Scrapping With Jen

32 - AJ’s Random Scraps

33 - Designs by Amilyn

34 - KayJay

35 - Blind Sight Designs

36 - Hummie

37 - Foxylady Creations

38 - Idgie's Heartsong

39 - Saskia / Supersuzi

40 - QueenBrat Designs

41 - Donna's Designs

42 - Doreen

43 - TammyJo's Creations

44 - Angi's Place

If you download any of these, please leave me a comment here on my blog. Just a simply thank you is enough.

Happy Downloading!


Birthday Sale!

Hi All,
I'm having a Big Birthday Sale!
65% off all my products, including CU!
It actually started yesterday, but I wasn't online to post as I was celebrating! LOL!
The sale lasts through Friday, December 5th!
Visit one of my stores for awesome savings!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

$2 CU Sale & CU Freebie

Hi All,
Don't miss my $2 CU Sale!
All my CU Products are Only $2 Each!!
Overlays, Actions, PSP Scripts, and More!!
Only today & tomorrow at my Scrapping Whispers & Commercial-Use.com Stores!
Above is the preview of the free CU overlay that I have for you. It's 12x12 and 300 ppi.
You can download it Here.

Friday, November 21, 2008

New Layouts & a Freebie

Hi All,
Jodi is releasing a new kit called My Kinda Christmas. It comes out on her blog store today and at The Creativity Shack tomorrow. Above it a brag book page that I made from it for you. And below you can see a couple of layouts I made with it. You can get the BB page Here.
My grandma, Christmas 1999.
Kit: My Kinda Christmas by Throwing some Scraps Around aka Jodi Watson
Font: Agnes

My sister & I putting up the tree one year. The "poodle" look is due to a night of sleeping in mom's pink spongy curlers.
Kit: My Kinda Christmas by Throwing Some Scraps Around aka Jodi Watson

Fonts: Ariston-ExtraBold-Italic & Arkitex
Until Next Time!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

New CU Freebie

Hi All,
I have another Commercial Use freebie for you today. It's a layered tag template. It's full size and was created at 300 ppi. Please leave me a comment if you download.
Download Here

Thursday, November 13, 2008

CU Sale, New Products, & Free Flowers

I'm having a 30% off all my Commercial Use Products at Scrapping Whispers through Saturday, November 15th! This includes my actions and PSP scripts, too. All my CU products are NO Credit Required! I just added several new CU products and have several more to add so be sure to stop by and catch the saving before Saturday!!
The flowers above are your freebie today. There are a total of 36 flowers in 3 different styles with varying colors. You can download them here.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Layouts and a Free Alpha

Above is another of Jodi's kits called Pink Summer. You can find her kits at Crafty Scraps and Spoil Me Pink Scraps. Below is a couple of layouts I did with it.
Next I will be working with her Christmas Kit that she has yet to release. I can hardly wait!! I looked at it, and it is fabulous!!
My niece, Ashley, this past summer.
Kit: Pink Summer by Throwing Some Scraps Around aka Jodi Watson
Journaling strips by JIC Creations (me) from a ribbon in Pink Summer
Fonts: akaFrivolity and Akbar
My mother holding my nephew, Alex, with my niece and nephew (Ashley & John) on either side of her.
Kit: Pink Summer by Throwing Some Scraps Around aka Jodi Watson
Word Art from Pink Summer Add On by TSSA aka Jodi Watson
Tag by JIC Creations (me) from a paper in Pink Summer
Font: PetitScript

Here's the freebie for you. It's an alpha that I made to match Jodi's Pink Summer kit. You can download it here.
Well, I'm off to work on my own Christmas Kits. I've signed up for several Christmas blog trains and have a couple left to finish yet.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My First Award and a Freebie

Jody of Munchkyn Scraps gave me this award. Thank You, Jody!
The rules are simple. Before I pass this on, I must list 7 things that I love.

1 - God
2 - My Family
3 - My Dog, Sammy
4 - My Computer & PSP
5 - Reading
6 - Final Fantasy Games
7 - Chocolate & Diet Pepsi! LOL!

And now I will pass this on to:
1 - Jodi of Throwing Some Scraps Around - http://jodisscrapping.blogspot.com
2 - The Scrappin' Cop - http://thescrappincop.blogspot.com
5 - Michelle of Crafty Scraps - http://craftyscraps.blogspot.com
6 - Delicious Scraps - http://www.deliciousscraps.com
Now for the freebie. It's a quickpage made from Jodi's Pretty Bluink Kit.
The page is 1600x1600 pixels and was created at 200 dpi.
You can download it here.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Freebie Frame

Hi All,
I have a frame for you that I made from the ribbon in Jodi's Pretty Bluink Kit. The preview for the kit is in my previous post along with the freebie alpha that I made to go with it. The kit is available at http://www.shopcraftyscraps.com . You can download this frame here.
If you haven't been by Debbie's blog yet, go by there and grab the QPs that she made with this kit. Her blog is http://digital-keepsakes.blogspot.com/
Please leave me some love here if you download.
Thanks and Have a Great Day!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Freebie and Some Layouts

Hi All,

I've been accepted on the CT for Throwing Some Scraps Around aka Jodi Watson. Below are the LOs that I made with her kit Pretty Bluink along with the preview of the kit. You can get her kits at http://www.shopcraftyscraps.com and http://www.spoilmepinkscraps.com/store . The above alpha was made by me using Pretty Bluink Kit and is your freebie for today. You can download it here. If you download, please leave me some love. Also be sure to check back as this is just the first of three freebies I made using this kit.

One more thing, LOL! Debbie, another member of Jodi's CT, put some QPs from this kit on her blog yesterday. Go grab them from her blog. http://digital-keepsakes.blogspot.com/

My son, Christian, at only 1 day old.
Kit: Pretty Bluink by Throwing Some Scraps Around aka Jodi Watson at Crafty Scraps
I made the papers square, as the ones in the kit are 8x10.
Frame by JIC Creations for a ribbon in the kit.
Font: akaDora
My son(Christian), my niece(Ashley), and 2 of my newphews(John & Alex)
playing in our pool on a hot summer day.
Kit: Pretty Bluink by Throwing Some Scraps Around aka Jodi Watson
Alpha by JIC Creations from a paper in the Pretty Bluink Kit
I made the papers square, as the ones in the kit are 8x10.
Template: lhcroche Grateful 4U Template #1
Font: Aristocrat

Have a Great Night!