Saturday, April 4, 2009

My First Speed Scrap

Girls Rule!

My niece, Ashley, and my nephew, Alex, wrestling.

Kit: Speed Scrap 040409 by Southern Creek Designs
Font: Wenchlas

I attended my first speed scrap tonight at Plain Digital Wrapper. I was really fun! It's a great way to get way to try new things! I know that they have like 2 speed scraps a week at Stuff to Scrap so I'm gonna try theirs too! I could get way addicted to these speed scraps! LOL! Anyway, here are the instructions that we were given tonight.

1. Today we will start with our papers. Choose 2 solid papers. Take the top paper and reduce it to anywhere between 70 and 90% of the original size.
2. Center the smaller paper over the background one. tilt it a bit if you want or leave as is. Grab a “clip” of some sort. Hang three of them from the top left of the frame, so they are just there.
3.It is time to add your photos. Grab a photo that goes well with your paper. There will be a spot for three photos (each one hanging from the clip). You can have a frame around them, or not. They can be the same photo repeated, or they can be different photos.
4. Now we will start our embellishments. In the bottom right corner you are going to add three things. They can be flowers, scraps of paper, but there needs to be three of them. Take a swirly ribbon or a swirly embellishment and place it behind the three things (or on top of depending on how it looks). Add some scattered splotches on the bottom right and some in the upper left, behind everything.
5. Word art, or a title. At this point we need a title, or some word art. Place it above the hanging clips.
6. It is time for shadows. Spend some extra time on your shadowing. Every shadow will be a little bit different.


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